unique business ideas
unique business ideas

In this blog have top two business ideas

1.Anti Danger Device

2.Playersupp App

Unique Business Ideas

Anti Danger Device

These ideas are very Unique and Helpful business idea and belong to the real facts of this universe because there are so many ideas but these ideas are only profitable ideas but in this ideas gives you profit plus a chance to help someone.

Trust me No one has these Ideas because these ideas are very unique ideas .Like this is a dream or faith for those people who really needs of this.

In This Blog I am Talking About a Unique Business Ideas It Will Help You More because every person want this who feel and live safe in this world so according to public safety we have choose this idea for human safety

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Unique business ideas

Let’s know about this ideas 


 Make a Device Like Anti Crime Watch This Device Protects you  any Time in your life When You Feel Uncomfortable in Your Life This Device Has Good & Good Features Like You can feel very Comfortable and Secure in Your Life. Lets Know about a Real Story.

This unique business ideas is very helpful.

anti danger device


I have seen lots of People die in Accident and Cause of Murder so this device helps you more.

Like Lots of Accident and Murders and Rapes I have seen in my Entire Life

I am very Disappointed about this Incident Why They Die? What Were Those Mistakes? I have decided to make a solution to this problem.

Then I got an Idea  so I am sharing this unique Business ideas in front of The world .


 Now I am talking about its features so I have designed this Device like a Police control room. You know Police have every information about anything Just like that Device knows everything about you and your movement.

In this device has a Gps tracker system this Gps tracker system help you more. I have cheapest Unique Business Ideas for you in 2023 Don’t worry.

For Example:-

You got an Accident. That time your Gps system will Activate automatically by your Heart Beats. and send a live Location to the Police control room and Ambulance Control room that time they will track easily and you have chances for live.

(2)This Device has an Emergency mode and Spy Camera (like God Eyes).

For Example:-

 Someone is trying to kill you and abduct you  so that time you will have to press a button then your Device will go Emergency mode and  in your device have a small live  camera and Police control room watch this crime scene live They will track you again easily then you will save your life easily.

(Top Unique Business ideas) 


Don’t Worry about its Investment This Device Complete With Cheapest Price and my Unique Business Ideas is good.

NOTE:- Please save our innocent people because they are our world’s future and don’t lose them.

Playersupp App

This Idea is for Sports Persons Because We Know,If Anyone is Making a Career in Sports is Very Difficult So This Unique Business Ideas Helps More and I Promise You This Idea will Succeed in This Field…

In this app we know how we help someone and how they achieve their goal and how much money we  invest for making and running this app so let’s know.(Unique business Ideas)


 Make a Software App name is Playersupp app .

This App Belongs to Sports persons who have no support in Sports . They have no Knowledge How to Achieve our Goal in Sports.

Playersupp app


This is a Real Story  

 I have Seen this Situation when I was Playing National Game and Other Tournaments. Lots of Players play well but they have no Opportunity to Achieve and Participate in State and National level Games in any Field.

LIKE:-  Cricket, Badminton and Athletics…This Unique Business Ideas is Very Important.


So I will talking about This App Features(unique business ideas):-

This App Provide You lots of Information(best Unique business ideas)

For  Example:-

A sports person belongs to a place so this app will give tournament information everywhere in This Place.

First you will make a profile on Playersupp App then Suppose Tomorrow is Your Tournament and You have Registered in This App Then Your Performance is   good in tomorrow’s match.

A Organiser who Organises This Tournament They will Give You Rating 3,4 stars and in this county all selectors are merged in this App they will see your bio according to your performance or ratings.

They will send you a message regarding National level and State level tournaments, then you will reach your destination easily…


Don’t worry about its investment because this app wants only the cheapest investment and gives you more profit in This Unique Business Ideas.


As far as its earning source So firstly we will earn money from ads and I will demand for every player take subscription for small amount they afford easily/a month and all organiser give us commission for his ads.

 that sit….

NOTE:- If you support some people then all people support you and your business so please support some people.

If you like these Unique business ideas please give feedback.

Thank you

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