Protect your self respect

Firstly ask yourself these 3 Questions

  1. Who are you  ?
  2. Why do I lose self respect ?
  3. Why does someone harm my self respect ?

I know Friends when someone harms your self respect because of a small mistake. I know everything ,everything that we feel at that time.

So friends welcome back to my new blog again now i am giving you some tips of how you protect your self respect from peoples because in this world we can earn money easily,

we can make anything easily and we can do anything easily but guys how we protect your self respect because this is very very costly of this world if you lose your self respect then we lose everything of this world.

So in this blog I am writing to you and sending you a message from my heart on how to protect our everything from people(clever people).

Why ?

Why do we lose self respect ? Because of a lack of knowledge or lack of wickedness, we lose everything in this world.

Why do we lose self respect

If someone gives you respect then you will give respect and if someone gives disrespect then we can give back disrespect because we have good nature and we can’t learn this.

Our parents are not teach us this things but we can say something bad in front of them because in this generation these things are common every second person is rude and if we can’t say something bad that time we lose self respect so we can,

i am not telling you be like rude people according to me be like bad people for rude and bad people.  

Don’t be good people for bad people just be bad people for bad people.

This is the rule of this world and lots of good people follow  this so why not please be like this.

Give yourself a challenge

If I talk about me so I am always give myself a challenge and I am always ready for accepting new challenge because in this world you want to become a respectful person so first you should ready to do difficult challenges my friends this is a fact of this universe.

If you are talented and more talented then all peoples will give you respect otherwise no one even they snatch your self respect, even one day our family snatch our res &pect.

you know guys now I am just 21 years old but I have seen lots of difficulties of my life as yet and I had lost my career and self respect that time I feel very depressed and alone but one I took oath I will do more and more hard work and I will accept every difficult challenges and I will earn my self respect, this is called life.

so please friends give yourself a challenge and kill it, you you can guys i know you can.

Be a Bold Person

Being a bold person means to build your own confidence and always carry your confidence with yours.

BE a bold person

If any educated person or your senior on clever person talk to you that time you have to show your own confidence and  them confidently because if you talk someone with confidently then no one judge you and no one take you lightly and just make your own passion and break their confidence from your confidence just kill their confidence, just be a bold person friend this is very compulsory for live and no one can snatch your self respect so always be a bold person.

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Stay with Positive and Supportive people

Stay with positive and supportive people because in this world or life no one wants to support you and rarely any positive persons are found so stay.

stay with positive person

If you live with positive people they always speak positive, they always push you and stay with you in your bad time because a person always known from his work like he is staying with own friend in his bad time.

If you live with supportive people they will support you in your bad situation, always ready to do anything or everything and they support you when.. When your courage is going to be down and always protect  your self respect.

So remember this one day everyone left this world but these memories always live in this world so make a good friend, a good person, be a good friend and become a respectful person.

Don’t think bad for someone,don’t harm someone and don’t down someone’s self respect because this is a very costly emotion, we can earn this easily but one day when we lose this then  we will face lots of difficulty to earn this and according to me this is the meaning of self respect.

We are renters of this world, not owners so live happily.

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