Mistakes means:- A decision you make in your life and according to you it’s a good decision but it’s gone wrong.


I am talking about Nature of this world’s People and it’s my experience said to you not a story i am watching lots of people (like:-Friends, Family member, Relatives, strangers) they wanted to be a leader but they have no knowledge but any time ready for debate and use his power (Bigger than me, who earn money) and trying to down others voice because he wants to be a Leader at everywhere and every time and this is your mistakes.

My question is…. Why can’t they accept their faults?  Because they are doing a job, because they are bigger than us, because they think they know everything. Every person wants empathy and sympathy, they have no idea, If you have no empathy no one likes you and they will only show you, you are great and accept you by mind not by heart because they know we have no power (Bigger than me, who earn money) if we argued that time they use their power (Bigger than me, who earn money) trying to down our voice our rights. These are definition of your mistake of life.

Now I am talking about some mistakes we should not do in our life.

Mistakes 1.

Don’t lose too much trust from any person.

Firstly ,What is the meaning of trust ?

Trust means we give our faith and take his/her faith and think positively for him/her and to believe that somebody is good, sincere, honest, etc. That is called trust.

I have seen this incident of three good friends spending their time together since eight years when they were children. They support each other with mentally, physically, socially and economically. (mistakes)

They were enjoying themselves more and travelling to small places and slowly slowly time was going and their age was decreasing but suddenly one friend slowly slowly move another group and make new new friend and second friend knows this is common time to time we should make new friend but that time they ignoring them and not receiving their calls.

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first number friend trapped(cause of some mistakes) a big situation and they came to second number friend and said him please help me i am trapped a big situation and crying that time third friend are busy to doing his job but second friend helped him more than own status, second friend spend all pocket money to save him first friend had gone his village permanently.

don't lose too much trust

And after some years he had come back again but he didn’t meet him and after seven days he appeared on the way. The second friend was shocked and he got information about the first friend, that is  he had gone to the third friend’s home because he had space to live to hide him(they do mistakes).

But he forgot who saved him and some time later first or third friend have good connection but they cheated with second friend and forgot him.that time first friend met his first learning that is Don’t give your faith and trust more to any person and contribute everything which is right.Don’t spend your money more and time more and Trust more.

fully trust only your mom and dad because they will stay always with you before the death and after the death.

Mistakes 2. 

Don’t be open with any person or don’t share your weakness with any person.

If you do this you lose everything one day because if you share your personal talks so one day you will fight each other they will destroy you easily because they knows everything of yours and they play with your feelings anytime so don’t open with any person or don’t share your personal talks with anyone even if they are your friend,family member and your relatives.only share your thoughts with your teachers,doctors and mom,dad because they are know your thought and they have experience,knowledge about your problem.

Don’t do this mistakes of life. excepts these people and every  person can use you and cheated you.

I am talking about my experience of these  very big mistakes, don’t do this.

Mistakes 3. 

Don’t lose your focus from your study, career or your servant. If you do this you  lose everything and every moment of your life because these things make you a respectful and educated person.

don't lose your focus from your study

These things are so costly in this world and waste easily because everything raises you but these things do not come again because these things run by time and time is Nature and Nature will not work for you.

My recommendation said to you, please don’t waste your time and focus on your study, career or your servant. Peoples want this to destroy your career but you will have to keep patience and be strong.

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