How to make career good


In this blog I am writing about how to make our career good because today’s generation wants only money without doing hard work.

How to make career good

Is it Possible?

Do we earn money without hard work?

No it’s not possible. Everything depends on hard work. If you do not do hard work you can’t earn money, you can’t make your career good because we have to do hard work.

Suppose I give you lots of money without your  hard work so how can you manage this money,how can you save your money from hard work is important and you have to do hard work.

According to my experience I am giving you some important suggestions for your career and if you follow these suggestions you will definitely achieve your goal and make your career good.

Let’s discuss these suggestions.

Suggestion 1.

One day I was a common person and that time I was a very careless person about my study,career and this is not my fault because at that time I was only 13.

Success teaches you don't give up

My parents rebuked me daily and they told me three things daily :-

  1. If you are not focusing on your studies you will become a rickshaw driver.
  2. You will become a poor person and no one will help you, even your brothers will not help you.
  3. Third one is if you do hard work from now and focus on your studies then one day you will get success and become a good, respectful and richest person in the world. (career)

But that time I was ignoring these words of my dad and after two years when I was 15 I had an opportunity. That time I was studying in my school and some students came to my classroom and said to me,do you know about kabaddi ?

I said yes. I know they told me to come to the ground for practice. You are playing kabaddi in a zonal level match from our school.

Then I went to the ground and I realised I have no knowledge about kabaddi because it was played in my village. some days later match had come and i played match with 10% of knowledge and skills and lose this match then i realised i will do hard work more and more and one day i will play in national and international kabaddi match.

I am doing hard work for my career and after two years I played a National Kabaddi match.

So this success teaches you don’t give up.

Hard work begins where your pain begins.

Suggestion 2.

Money:- We know this things guys money is very important for every person life but in front of money every person lost their mind their ability of thinking because he attract only with money that time lots of people drop their career for small amount of money.

They have no idea that if they ignore this small amount of money and stay focused on his career then they will earn lots more money than that small amount of money but success wants patience,focus and hard work, if you have then one day you will get success.

So guys i request you don’t give up 

Don’t join a job for money in the time of making a future and alway be patient.


So friends, everything in this world happening good cause of patience because if you have patience you can achieve your career,become successful person and everything , i mean all about happening in this world only cause of patience.


When you have no patience you look like an aggressive person and everything you  want fast because you  have no patience, when you have no patience you make mistakes and big mistakes and these mistakes down you, down your voice and down your career. Without a career you can’t do anything and you can’t achieve anything.

So please don’t lose your patience.

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Self Respect is more important than your life.

If no one respects you and loses your respect so your life is not life at that time you are a lifeless person like a dead person.

Self respect is more important than your life

So don’t lose your respect.

Don’t give a chance to those people who harm you and harm your respect.

How can we judge a person who does not harm our respect because these types of mistakes destroy your career and that time you can’t achieve your goal.

  • A person who becomes over smart and not cooperating with you and not sacrificing with you then stays away from these persons and peoples because they have power to destroy your future.
  • Don’t open over and share your personal thoughts with anyone person, we know that some time we are sharing our thoughts with our friends relatives and boyfriend or girlfriend and this is become permanently our habit and after some time we will share our personal thoughts with these peoples that time they know about everything about us and now they have every information about us
  • For example:- they know which types of things i like and what they do, i will become angry or happy and what is his weakness points and what is his strongest points and after some time some people use this and take advantage  from this information and they loses your self respects and then your career will destroy.

So don’t give chances to those people. I am not saying all peoples are bad but some people take advantage of your weakness.

So everything is done by hard work.

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