5 Cool and Interesting Fun Facts about Oscar dos Santos’ Life

Presently, in this article we will be discussing some very interesting and fun facts of this great player’s life. Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Júnior born on 9th September 1991, an attacking midfielder of Brazilian team is a sheer star. He plays from Chelsea F.C a renowned English Club and in addition to winning matches has won the heart of almost every football fan.

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interesting facts Oscar dos Santos

Interesting Fun Facts About Oscar dos Santos


1. One of the heavily paid English Club football player
The topmost interesting fact about this young player is that he was taken up by the famous English Club Chelsea for no less than a heavy fee of £19.35 million. Hmm quiet a lucky chap !
2. First player in the history to score a Hat trick in FIFA U-20 World Cup final
The second amazing fact about Oscar dos Santos is that he is only person in the history of the game to score 3 consecutive goals registering a Hat trick in FIFA U-20 World Cup Final claiming a victory for his country Brazil over a very strong contender of the title Portugal on 20th of August 2011.

facts about Oscar dos Santos life
3. All goals in Olympics either assisted or scored by Oscar
Another surprising and cool fact about Oscar dos Santos is that, Oscar holds for himself is that in all the games of Brazil in Olympics all goals were either scored by Oscar or assisted by Oscar along with another player of his team Neymar. Though Brazil lost finals against Mexico but display of Oscar’s skills was a treat for his fans.
4. Record breaking win of Germany with 7 – 1 goals against Brazil in Semi final
One of the weird facts that made football lovers shocked was Brazil’s defeat by Germany with not 1, not 2 but instead 7 to 1 goals on 8th of July where Oscar scored the only goal in the 90th minute of the game from Brazilian side.


5. Proud Brand ambassador of Addidas
Addidas, one of the famous brand in sport world has signed Oscar to be its brand ambassador which is in fact a sheer proof of his sound stardom.


Facts From Oscar Childhood


6. Father killed in accident
Oscar has two childhood facts too. The sad one is that in an unfortunate incident his father died in a fatal accident when he was only three years of age. The untimely death of his father changed his life altogether and he emerged out to be a tough guy both mentally and physically.
7. Childhood love
The other childhood fact about Oscar dos Santos Emboaba is a very pleasant one indeed. He fell in love with Ludmila, his childhood love, a beautiful and intelligent lady of Japanese descent. They both got married in 2011 and the couple now has a lovely daughter.

I bet you dont have much knowledge about Oscar, comment here down if I am right, or if you want to add some other fact at our blog.