10 Cool and Interesting Fun Facts about Iker Casillas Fernandez’s life

Iker Casillas Fernández is a professional footballer who represents famous Portuguese club named Porto as a goal keeper. In international matches he plays from Spain. He has been one of the most successful goalkeepers and captains of Spanish national team. He has number of motivational quotes but the one that really went viral stated “Most kids dream of scoring the perfect goal, I have always dreamed of stopping it”. Another one that shows his has a good qualities of both head and heart stated “I do not want to be remembered as a good goalkeeper, I want to be remembered as a great person”.

FactsOfuniverse present some cool and interesting facts about Casillas that will really make you his fan and if you are already his fan they let’s come on to feel proud of this great player of the game.

10 Iker Casillas Fernandez interesting facts
Iker Casillas Fernandez – Football Player

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Iker Casillas Fernandez Interesting Facts

  1. Career in Real Madrid

Fenandez started his career in 1990 while playing from famous Spanish Club, Real Madrid. He remained in this club for no less than 16 seasons. He had a very successful career in the club. He soon got promoted and served his side as a captain too. He was considered to be a vital part of the team in and outside the football ground.

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  1. Second most capped player for Real Madrid

A very cool fact about him is that after Raul, he is the second most capped player for Real Madrid. He made 725 appearances for the famous club. He was indeed the first and final choice for his team selectors. His presence for his team is big evidence how much his team counted on him and above all he always came up the expectations with great fashion.

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  1. Long list of titles and cups on his credit

A cool fact about him is that he has been the winner of long list of titles and awards, During his highly successful time at the Madrid club, he won five La Liga Titles (2000 – 01, 2002 – 03, 2006 – 07, 2007 – 08, 2011 – 12), two Copa del Rey titles (2010 – 11, 2013 – 14), four Supercopa de Espana titles (2001, 2003, 2008, 2012), three UEFA Champion League titles (1999 – 00, 2001 – 02, 2013 – 14), two UEFA Super Cup (2002 and 2014), two  International Cups (1998 and 2002) and  FIFA Club World Cup in 2014. With his presence in the field, it was guaranteed win for his team. It was literally next to impossible for the opponent side to score against his side. On one occasion he rightly said “ A goalkeeper cannot win a game he can only save it”.

  1. International debut at the age of 19

A very interesting fact about Iker Casillas is that at the early age of 19 he was selected to play from his Spanish national team in June 2000. This is indeed a great honour for any player to be selected at such an age and represent the team in international match. His selection is also an evidence of his great playing skills which later fans witnessed. During his career, he evolved and within no time became one of the greatest goalkeepers of this game.

  1. National record of most appearances

A very amazing fact about him is that he holds the national record of most appearances for his national side. He appeared in 167 times for his national team and proved to be a big hurdle for them to score a goal against Spain. His saves are cherished and appreciated by his fans a lot.

10 Iker Casillas Fernandez's life interesting facts
Iker Casillas Fernandez – Famous Player
  1. Most capped European player

Another outstanding fact about Casillas Fernandez is that his consistency with great performance made him an integral part of the team and therefore he became the most capped European Player. Being the first choice of goal keeping his team selectors appreciated his skills, quick movement and above all leadership qualities.

  1. 5th most capped male footballer in history

Yet another amazing fact about him is that he has been the 5th most capped male footballer in the history of the game. As narrated earlier, Iker has been the confirm choice for his team selectors and most importantly he delivered every time he was needed by his team.

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  1. Record 5 consecutive winner of IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper Award

The most interesting and eye brow raising fact about him is that he has won IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper Award. He has on his credit this award not once not twice but, guess what, for five consecutive times. Wow! What a great goalkeeper Fernandez has been throughout his life and the way he had shown consistency in outstanding performance is a sheer proof of his greatness.

  1. Nicknamed “San Iker” – Almost rarely known Fact about Iker Casillas Fernandez’s life

Interestingly, he has been nicknamed San Iker by his fans and teammates. Iker Fernandez is very athletic goalkeeper saving one of the finest attacks and proving to be a big hindrance for the opponent team to score a goal against his.

  1. European Footballer of the Year Award Winner

With the long list of awards and titles on his credit, his outstanding performance made him won the European Footballer of the Year Award in 2008 ranking fourth overall.  It is indeed a great honour for an European player to make to the list and getting at the top is really something his fans should be proud of.

More Updated Facts About Casillas

  1. Married to a Journalist

A very personal fact about him is that he has been in relationship with the famous sports journalist Sara Carbonero. She has interviewed him number of times especially during the Spanish team’s participation in the world cup victory. The couple have a beautiful child born in 2014.

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  1. Goodwill Ambassador UNDP

United Nations is running a very crucial development plan titled Millennium Development Goals. Under this initiative significant targets have been set by United Nations for development and improvement of plight of people around the globe. A very proud and inspiring fact about him is that “he was appointed as a goodwill ambassador” for the said program to create awareness about this noble cause.