5 Cool and Interesting Fun Facts about Peter Crouch’s life

In this article we will be presenting some cool and interesting facts about one of the most respectable English professional Football player -Peter Crouch. He has been the lead striker for Premier League Club Stoke City.

Peter Crouch

Cool and interesting Facts about Peter Crouch

1. For 19 games, in 4 months Crouch was unable to score
A weird fact about Crouch is that during a bad phase of his career, he remained silent with his foot without scoring a single goal for 19 games and nearly 4 months. This goal drought became a source of great critisicm from media but his team continued to show trust in him.

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2. Scoring a perfect Hat trick
A wonderful fact about Crouch is that peter scored a perfect Hat trick against Arsenal. This hat trick is termed to be a perfect hat trick because he sent the football convincingly in Arsenal’s goal net thrice with his right foot, left foot and head.

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3. Liverpool’s Top Goal Scorer in all competitions
An amazing fact about him is that Peter Crouch became Liverpool’s Top Goal Scorer in all competitions by scoring 18 goals for his team. Not to forget, he also proved to be vital in assists for other players on his side scoring winning goals.

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4. Stoke City’s Player of the Year and Goal of the Season Award
In 2012, Crouch had a wonderful year. He scored some of the winning goals strengthening his club’s position in league matches and outshining him against other key players. He was honoured by awarding him Club’s Player of the Year and Goal of the season Award.Peter Crouch interesting facts

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5. Lost several teeth in match against Newcastle
Now this fact may sound a bit weird but it is worth mentioning. In a crucial match against Newcastle he was accidentally hit by a kick in the mouth by Fabricio Coloccini. As a result of this kick he lost several teeth and later underwent a corrective surgery.

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Two More Facts About Peter

6. Played a match wearing two different squad numbers on his shirt
One strange fact about this player is that, he played a match for England against Uruguay by wearing a jersey displaying number 21 on the front and 12 on the back. I wonder it might be a mistake on the back side though but it turned out to be very attention grabbing by everyone on the ground.

7. Most nicknamed player
Another fun fact you may find interesting is that Peter Crouch has many nick names which show his great fan following. He is generally known as Crouchy, RoboCrouch and Crouchinho, Mr. Roboto Pantera Rosa (Pink Panther). During his Liverpool career, fans used to chant “He’s big, he’s red, his feet stick out of bed!”