5 Cool and Interesting Fun Facts about Rafa Benitez’s life

Presenting you more than 5 Cool and Interesting Fun Facts about Rafa Benitez’s life. Rafael “Rafa” Benítez Maudes is the famous Spanish football coach. He has coached number of clubs including Liverpool, Valencia, Real Madrid etc. He is known to be someone who cannot be easily pleased according to his team players. He has been tough with his players regarding discipline and performance.

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Rafa Benitez facts

Rafa Benitez Interesting Facts

1. Only manager in history to win three prestigious titles

The most interesting fact about Rafa Benitez is that he is the only manager in the history who has won three most prestigious titles. He claimed UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup. He is also the third manager in the history to win UEFA Cup and UEFA Champions League in successive seasons and second Liverpool manager ever to win the European Cup/UEFA Champions League in his first season in charge.

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2. Twice UEFA Manager of the Year Award

Another amazingly interesting fact about him is that he won not once but twice UEFA Manager of the Year Award. This is the utmost prestigious award for any manager of a club to win. Through intense hard work and setting high fitness targets for this team players he revived his team and converted their weaknesses into their strengths resulting in back to back wins.

3. Injuries made him retired as a player

A very sad fact about him is that though he was an outstanding midfielder as a player and played a vital role in winning matches for his team but in a hard tackle he got injured and missed crucial games of the season. Further injuries eliminated his chance of becoming a major player thus he retired himself and started thinking about other options.

cool facts about Rafa Benitez's life

4. Sacked twice as manager

A very depressing fact about his career is that he was sacked twice as a manager due to poor performance of the teams he worked for. Firstly for the club Real Valladolid he was removed as his club performed very poorly in 1995 – 96 Season. Out of 23 games played, the team managed to win only 2 games. Secondly, when he was managing Osasuna during 1996 – 97 Season but again his team managed to get one win after playing nine games.

5. Also worked as commentator/analyst

Another very surprising fact about him, that some of the fans might be knowing is that in addition to serving as manager he has also worked as a commentator and analyst for Eurosport, Marca, El Mundo and local Madrid TV. His eye on every detail, his deep experience and meaningful analysis were liked and appreciated by TV audiences.


6. Valencia won their 1st Liga title in 31 years

A very inspiringly interesting fact about him is that he was picked up by the club Valencia. He introduced a more aggressive and offensive style of play and very intelligently made his player selection. Consequently, in 2002 his team became the winner of Liga title for the first time in three decades. Before his joining, this title seemed to be a very daunting task. As a result of devotion, dedication and non-stop hard work he realized the dream for his club which once seemed next to impossible.

7. 1st Spaniard to manage a Premier Club

He holds a very interesting fact of becoming the first Spaniard to manage in the Premier League. He was picked up by the famous club Liverpool in 2004.