8 Cool and Interesting Fun Facts about Frank Lampard’s life

Let us share some very cool and interesting facts about legendary English football player Frank James Lampard. A very active midfielder, who use to play from number of English clubs including Chelsea and New York City, while he represented England in international matches.

interesting facts about Frank Lampard’s life


1.All time leading Goal scorer for Chelsea 

A very cool fact about Frank is that he has been a leading goal scorer for great football English club Chelsea. He played for 13 years in this club and scored 211 goals.

2.Greatest Midfielder of his generation

A very inspiring fact about Frank is that due to his great performance, active and offensive style of game he has been regarded as the greatest midfielder of his generation. Many big critics of the game too are his fans agree with this title.

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3.Record appearances as an outfielder

A very amazing fact about frank is that he holds a record for having most appearances as an outfielder. He made nearly 164 consecutive Premier League appearances. He was ever present in Chelsea.

five frank lampard’s interesting facts


4.Highest paid Premier League Footballer in 2008

During 2008, he signed a new contract and became highest paid Premier League footballer. This clearly shows his star value and significance for his team. He was signed for a huge sum of £39.2 million. Wow! That is really very cool.

5.Three time Chelsea Player of the Year Award

Unlike his other teammates, he won not once, not twice but thrice Chelsea Player of the Year Award. This interesting fact is a clear proof of his great performance with consistency.




6.Twice England Player of the Year

A very cool fact about Frank is also that he won two consecutive times England Player of the Year Award for 2004 and 2005. Playing outstanding is one thing and playing outstanding with consistency is extremely a rare quality and Frank undoubtedly excelled in this.

7.Top scorer for England in 2006 World Cup

Frank holds a very inspiring fact of being the top goal scorer for England in the most prestigious competition of football that is world cup. In 2006 World Cup he depicted his extreme offensive skills and scoring back to back goals in games.

8.Other Awards and titles

Frank has on his credit a long list of awards and titles. In addition of winning three times Chelsea Player of the Year Award, he is one of the seven players to score 150 or more goals in Premier League. He holds second position for all time assists table in Premier League. He was voted FWA Footballer of the Year Award in 2005 and was runner up in both FIFA World player of the Year and the Ballon d’Or. In 2010 he received the FWA Tribute Award. He has won no less than 13 trophies in his career.

These facts are sheer proof of this great performance and his fans across the globe miss this great player.

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