5 Cool and Interesting Fun Facts about Carlos Tevez’s life

This article will be focusing on some cool and interesting facts about one of the most searched player. He has played from different clubs and currently he represents Boca Juniors wearing jersey number 10. For national team he plays from Argentina.

interesting facts about Carlos Tevez’s life

Five cool and interesting facts about Carlos Tevez

1. Awards

An interesting fact about Tevez is that he holds two club awards, the Etihad Player of the Year award and the Players’ Player of the Year award. He won both these awards in 2010. This added to his fame and glory making him a real hero within no time.

cool facts about Carlos Tevez’s life

2. Scored Quartet of goals

When Tevez has ball he is simply unstoppable, during 2008-09 Season he scored a quartet of goals in United’s 5-3 League Cup win over Blackburn Rovers in the fifth round. Now this is an extremely rare fact about any player of this game

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3. Fastest Goal scorer

A very cool fact about Tevez is that he has an honour of scoring fastest goal in the tournament for 2008-09 at 2 minutes and 41 seconds. What an electrifying start this could have been for the fans to watch. Striking at the opponent when it is least expecting it. Putting up pressure right from the start can surely be devastating for the opposite side.

4. Top Goal Scorer and Winner of Juve’s “Player of the Season”

An amazing fact about this great player is that he has been his team’s top goal scorer with 21 goals in all competitions and was named Juve’s “Player of the Season”.

five Carlos Tevez’s interesting facts

5. Tevez Dance

A very funny and joyful fact about Tevez is that he is very popular among his fans for his tango flare goal celebrations. Very joyfully he expresses his goals and that casts a magical spell on all the spectators watching and copying his dance steps. He is really a great performer and a true entertainer.

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Some other interesting facts about Tevez

Performed a hit song “Lose in control”

For football Tevez has a world recognition but there is another great skill he masters. For his musical group Cumbia Villera, he performed as the lead man. The group’s most successful hit “Lose Your Control” chartered in Argentina too.

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Has a distinct scar

A very sad childhood fact about Tevez is that when he was a child he got scalded with boiling water accidently. This unfortunate incident caused him third degree burns. Now interesting fact is that when he joined Boca Juniors, he was offered a cosmetic treatment for his burnt skin but he turned down the offer stating that the scars belonged to him and they were a part of who he was in the past and who he is today
Tevez brings a great energy to football field and his fast goal scoring rate makes him a fruitful addition to the side he is playing for.