10 Cool and Interesting Fun Facts about Robbie Keane’s life

The street footballer who became Ireland’s greatest striker

Robert David popularly known as Robbie is an Irish professional footballer who plays from team LA Galaxy and nationally from Republic of Ireland.

Here will be sharing some interesting and cool facts about a street footballer who became Ireland’s greatest striker.

interesting and cool facts
interesting and cool facts about Robbie Keane


Ten interesting amazing cool fun facts about Robbie Keane:

1. Scored twice in his debut match aged 17
Keane is that he began his professional career at Wolverhampton Wanderers. The first interesting fact about him is that in his debut match he scored twice and showed to the seniors of his club about his great potential. Not to forget he was only at the age of 17 at that time. Also he scored first goal for his country in an international match same year.

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2. Holds a career record of scoring 23 goals in a season
The most amazing fact about him is that, in the 2007 – 08 Season, Robbie made a career record of scoring 23 goals. This season was the most fruitful season for him in which he also touched a landmark of 100th competitive goal.


3. 10th Highest Goal Scorer in Tottenham’s history
He is the tenth-highest goal scorer in Tottenham’s history and scored 126 Premier League goals for six different clubs, which ranks him as the thirteenth-most successful goal scorer in the history of the Premier League. I am sure very less of his fans know about this interesting fact.

4. All time record Irish scorer
In international arena, Keane scored a total of 68 goals for the Republic of Ireland national team over an 18-year international career; this cool fact about him makes him the all-time record Irish scorer. Well, not a single player seems nearer to him so far.

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5. Highest appearance maker
His 146 caps make him their highest appearance-maker. He was the highest male international scorer among active players following Miroslav Klose’s retirement in August 2014. That is a great honour for any player to represent his team with a great pride and marvellous performance for such long reign.

6. Fourth highest scoring European of all time
Another cool fact that outshines Robbie Keane from other players is that Keane is the joint fourth-highest scoring European of all-time. Yes! Amongst all the European players Keane holds this slot and it is literally a great pride for Republic of Ireland.

7. Only player in the history of World Football to score one international goal in 19 consecutive seasons
This may sound a little weird fact that Robbie Keane is the only player in the history of world football to have scored at least one international goal in nineteen consecutive seasons. Wow! It means he is a sure goal scorer for his side. The only thing opponent team has to do then is to prevent him getting a ball; else he has a habit of scoring.

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8. All time top scorer in European Championship qualification matches
Well, statistics speak for themselves; this great player is also the all-time top scorer in European Championship qualification matches. This again sounds to be a strange fact but it is there.

9. Ireland’s top scorer at the 2002 FIFA World Cup
Amongst all the tournaments and cups, World Cup holds its great significance where all the world’s best team get together to claim the biggest title. Now, in FIFA World Cup Keane registered another record for his national team he was Ireland’s top scorer at the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

10. Produced one of the Ireland’s greatest sporting moments
Now this one will sure be the most funny and cool fact, during 2002 World Cup while playing with Germany Keane produced one of Ireland’s greatest sporting moments which was the last minute equaliser against Germany. Wow! What a moment that would have been. A sure defeat saved in the last minute especially in a tournament of claiming World’s biggest title.

Watch Robbie Keane’s amazing goals.

Honours and Awards

Robbie is 13th on all time Premier League Goal Scoring Charts with 126 goals. He won thrice Tottenham Player of the Year (2003, 2005-06, 2007-08). In following year, he was announced as Celtic Player of the Year 2009-10. The series of awards doesn’t end here, for the Year 2010 and 2013 he was the Football Association of Ireland’s Senior International Player.
Robbie Keane has a very active and dynamic style of game. His style is an international trademark. So much so that railway service Virgin Trains ran an advertisement with the slogan “A Liverpool to London returns faster than Robbie Keane.”

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