10 Cool and Interesting Fun Facts about ZINEDINE ZIDANE’s life

Let us share some of the interesting and cool facts about ZINEDINE ZIDANE. He is the most popular and most loved football icon in France, was an attacking midfielder. His parents belonged to Algeria but later migrated to France and settled there. He started playing football at a very early age. Since his childhood, he displayed outstanding football skills.

He played from number of clubs including Cannes, Bordeaux, Juventus and Real Madrid. His career in Real Madrid is the most memorable one. With other marvellous players in Real Madrid, he gave one of the finest moments for the lovers of this great game.

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On international front, he represented French national team. In France he is regarded to be the greatest French player in the history. He was given number of official titles and awards in the recognition of his services for French football.

interesting facts about ZINEDINE ZIDANES’s life

He received great attention from the world media and made into the headlines of every newspaper and news channel when he hit a player in the final match of World Cup. During the intense game when pressure was mounting on either teams to win and claim the world’s biggest title opponent player confronted Zidane with offensive remarks. He lost his temper and hit him on the ground while the game was in full swing. Consequently, he was given red card. This match proved to be his last match for his international career too. He retired after that claiming no repentance over his act.

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After getting retired as a player, he opted for a career as a coach. Currently, he is the coach for Real Madrid and is the real force behind one of the greatest football club. Real Madrid is showing impressive results under his command.

Zidane is one of the highly paid footballers. His earning with the game as well as brand ambassadors and sponsorships has made him earned an impressive amount of money. Being rich with his accounts he has a very generous heart. He is famous for his charity work. He played in number of charity games to raise funds for noble causes.

He is regarded as an internationally renowned figure. He receives official reception in different countries where he travels. When he was appointed as an ambassador by Qatar for the conduction of football world cup in the country, he literally worked hard in creating awareness and marketing campaign. His hectic efforts didn’t go in vain and Qatar won the bid for hosting world’s one of the biggest event to be held in 2022.

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Coming from a Muslim family, he has declared himself to be a non – practicing Muslim though he is highly respected in Muslim community of France. He fell in love with a beautiful lady at a very early age of 17. Couple got married later on and are living a very successful life. Zidane is the father of four sons now. All of his sons have a great passion for the game and are taking training to polish their inherited football skills.



1. Nicknamed Zizou

A very personal interesting fact about him is that he is often called by a nick name given to him by his lovers and followers. He is called by a name Zizou. When he won the world cup for France the entire country was singing a single name Zizou Zizou!!!

2. Best European Footballer for UEFA Golden Jubilee Poll

A very interesting fact about Zidane is that due to his outstanding playing skills he was named as the best European footballer of the past 50 years in the UEFA Golden Jubilee Poll. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of the game. The poll is regarded to be one of the most reliable and authentic representation of popular opinion.

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3. Set a World record transfer fee

A very inspiringly interesting fact about Zidane is that he set a world record transfer fee. He transferred from Juventus to Real Madrid in 2001 against a huge sum equivalent to €75 million and guess what, it was worth spending! While coming to Real Madrid the club witnessed new heights of success. He brought a great attacking strength and his offensive strategies always paid in winning matches for this great club.

ten ZINEDINE ZIDANE’s interesting facts

4. Scored twice in the final of 1998 FIFA World Cup

Another very amazing fact about him is that he managed to score two goals in the final of 1998 FIFA World Cup final. His goals confirmed the victory of France and they became world champions. His great gaming skills, active moves and aggressive style of the game simply made his side invincible. The final match was purely Zedan’s match. He proved himself to be one of the finest players in the history of the game.

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5. Received Legion d’honneur in 1998

A very motivational fact about him is that he received Legion d’honneur in 1998 in the recognition of his great football skills and winning goals. After winning the final of 1998 FIFA World Cup by scoring two goals he became a national hero in France. The entire country sang Zizou Zizou. He won the heart of every football lover throughout the world.

6. Countless awards and titles

Another great fact about this great player is that he won, not once, not twice but thrice FIFA World Player of the Year award in 1998, 2000 and 2003. In 1998 he won the prestigious Ballon d’Or. Not limited to this, he was Ligue 1 Player of the Year, Serie A Footballer of the year and La Liga Best Foreign Player. Zedane received the Golden Ball for player of the tournament at the 2006 World Cup too. What a proud French player is he indeed!

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7. Most cards receiver in World Cup matches

A very weird fact about him is that he holds a very strange record of receiving most cards in World Cup matches claiming six of them. He received a red card in the final of World Cup final and was sentenced by FIFA to a suspension for three matches. This incident made headlines in the newspapers and news channels across the world. However, in his career he received overall 16 red cards.

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8. An ambassador for Qatar’s 2022 World Cup bid

An interesting fact about Zedane is that in September 2010, Qatar’s 2022 World Cup bid committee selected him as an ambassador for Qatar’s attempt to host the mega event. He very professionally represented this attempt. When FIFA announced that Qatar has won this event Zedane was very happy and glad at the announcement. At this history making moment he proclaimed it to be a victory for Arab world. He remarked saying that the game of football belongs to the entire world.

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cool facts about ZINEDINE ZIDANE's life

9. The most popular Frenchman of all time

Another amazing fact about him is that he has been voted as the most popular Frenchman of all time. This poll was conducted by a French newspaper Journal du Dianche. In another poll carried out by a French TV channel TF1 Zedane was voted as the best player in the history of the French League. He has the entire nation as his fan. He holds a very respectable place in hearts of every French football game lovers.

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10. 6th highest paid footballer

Another inspiring fact about Zidane is that he is indeed 6th highest paid footballer. Yes! His success is depicted by his bank account too! He is a brand ambassador of number of renowned brands including Adidas, Lego, France Telecom, Orange, Audi, Volvic and Christian Dior. These sponsorships deals earned him a huge sum of €8.6 million. Additionally, he receives €6.4 million Real Madrid salary so this totals an amount of €15 million ($20.4 million). This amount makes him undoubtedly the 6th highest paid footballer.

Personal visits

A very inspiring fact about him is that he is highly respected and regarded throughout the world. Wherever he goes he receives royal and official reception. He was invited by Bangladesh Noble Prize Winner Mr. Muhammad Yunus. Bangladesh government gave him official reception and was admired by the entire country. Likewise, when his visited the country of his parents, Algeria, he was received by Algerian people with great love and respect. Gover..