10 Cool and Interesting Fun Facts about SIR ALEX FERGUSON’s life

Today we are presenting you cool and interesting fun facts about Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson. Sir Alexander Chapman “Alex” Ferguson is the famous footballer player from Scotland. He has been a very active player in his career but he earned his real fame as a manager of Manchester United, a renowned Premier League Club.

ten alex ferguson’s interesting facts


1. Most successful manage of all time

The coolest fact about Ferguson is that he has been regarded as the best, greatest and most successful managers of all time. He served for nearly 26 years in Manchester United and took the club to new heights. He gave great stress on performance and discipline. Under his guidance many big players evolved.

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2. Top Scorer in Scottish League for 1965-66 season

Ferguson played as a striker in his team. He represented number of Scottish clubs including Dunfermline and Rangers. He remained top scorer in the Scottish league in 1965 – 66 Season while playing from Dunfermline. Therefore, his performance as a player too is marvellous.

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3. Served Manchester United for 26 Years

Despite Ferguson’s good playing skills he became famous more because of his managerial career. He served for 26 years as a manager for the famous Premier League Club, Manchester United. He has been the longest serving manager having overtaken Sir Matt Busby’s record. During his service Manchester United won 38 trophies.

facts about alex ferguson’s life

4. Honours and titles for Manchester United under his Management

A very inspiring fact about him is that under his management Manchester United shined and outplayed almost every team in the Premier League. They took 38 trophies including 13 Premier League Titles, 5 FA Cups and 2 UEFA Champion League titles. So whenever, Manchester Untied was in the ground it was a sure win for them.

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5. Knighted in the 1999 Queen’s Birthday Honours list

A very interesting fact about Ferguson is that, in recognition of his outstanding services for football, he was knighted in the 1999 Queen’s Birthday Honours list. This is the greatest honour for any British citizen to have.

6. Sacked only once by St. Mirren Club

Here we have a unique and a bit weird fact about him. He was the manager of St. Mirren from 1974 until 1978 and transformed the club with great performance but to a great surprise he was sacked by this club. This is because of various breaches of contract mainly were due to disciplinary issues.

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7. Nicknamed “Fergie”

A very cool fact about Ferguson is that he was nicknamed Fergie by his players. This is because he was very strict regarding discipline. He punished his players severely with zero tolerance over disciplinary issues.

interesting facts about alex ferguson’s life
8. Aberdeen became only the 3rd Scottish team to win European Trophy

A very amazing fact about him is that, his hectic efforts showed outstanding results for his team. When he was working for Aberdeen, it became only 3rd Scottish team to win European Trophy. It was a proud moment for him and he felt that “he’d done something worthwhile with his life”

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9. 1st winner of the Premier League Manager of the Month Award

A very cool fact about him is that he has been the 1st ever winner of the Premier League Manager of the Month Award. This award was introduced for the start of the 1993 – 94 Season and his name tops the list of all winners.

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10. Manchester United shares fell by 5% upon news of Ferguson’s retirement

A very strange fact about him is that he announced his retirement in 2013 and upon this news Manchester United’s share in New York Stock Exchange fell by 5%. This clearly shows his presence in the club was that much important.