10 Cool and Interesting Fun Facts about Arsene Wenger’s life

This article presents some cool and interesting facts about Arsene Wenger and we are sure you will love them. So here we go;

Arsene Wenger is a former player and football manager of Arsenal. He has been a great player but earned a great respect and recognition as a manager. He has served in number of clubs but he has been an integral and winning part of the famous English Club Arsenal.

interesting facts about arsene wenger’s life


1. Arsenal’s longest serving Manager

A very cool fact about Wenger is that he has been the longest and undoubtedly one of the most successful managers for Arsenal. He joined the club back in 1996. He lifted the club from the scratch. He identified strengths and weaknesses of his players. He was very good in promoting the strengths on one hand and on the other eliminating their weaknesses. He gave importance to big things without overlooking the minor ones. And surely this is the reason Arsenal rose to new heights.

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2. Managed Arsenal’s Undefeated League Season

A very inspiring fact about Wenger is that he managed Arsenal to an undefeated league season. This great landmark was previously accomplished by Preston North End 115 years ago! The club also broke Nottingham Forest’s record of 42 league matches unbeaten and won further seven matches before losing in October 2004. Wow 49 unbeaten league matches! This shows their ultimate strength.

3. Most successful manager in history

Wenger holds a very inspiring fact that he has been regarded as the most successful manager in the history of the club. In addition to being the longest serving manager he has led in winning the club 6 titles. While in comparison to other managers of the club, his unmatched performance and outstanding achievements make him proud most successful manager.

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4. Nicknamed “Le Professeur”

A very strange fact about him is that his fans and lovers have given him the nick name of “Le Prefesseur”. In English this means “The Professor”. He has been given this nickname because of his great leadership style and fatherly figure for his club. He is considered to be all-knowing. His eye on every detail and strong commitment has earned a great respect in the hearts of every team player.

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5. Studied at Faculte des sciences economicques et de gestion

A very unique fact about him is that he studied Economics and Management sciences at the University of Strasbourg to read politics and economics. His interest in these subjects was since his childhood but later after obtaining his degree he found his passion in football.

facts about arsene wenger’s life

6. Became manager of Nagoya Grampus, for ¥75,000,000 annually.

A very cool fact about Wenger is that in December 1994, he was picked up by Nagoya Grampus a famous Japanese Club where the club agreed to pay him ¥75000000 annually. This two year contract was basically intended to revive this club, improve ad restructure Japanese League System.

7. J. League Manager of the Year Award

Soon after taking him his new post he started to work hard. The results of his hectic efforts started to come very quickly. His club moved up the ranks and his players showed great skills. For recognition of his success he was awarded J. League Manager of the Year Award in 1995.

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8. Honours and titles

Wenger has a long list of honours and titles on his credit and this fact is indeed the most interesting fact. He was awarded France’ highest decoration, the Legion d’Honneur in 2002. In 2003 he was added in Queen’s Birthday Honours List. He was awarded honorary OBEs for his service to football. Wenger Day was celebrated by Arsenal fans. He was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2006.

9. An asteroid named after him

A very weird and strange fact about Wenger is that an asteroid was named after him by an astronaut
Ian P. Griffin. Arsenal was his favourite club and to show his love and affection for the great Arsenal Manager he named the asteroid after Wenger’s name.

10. Scrutinized for club’s poor disciplinary record

A very weird fact about Wenger is that he has been criticized and scrutinized for his club’s poor disciplinary record. His team received 100 red cards against fouls by his team players. Though he defended his players at the first place but worked really hard in improving the plight. Soon after this in both 2004 and 2005 his club topped the Premier League’s fair game play league table for sporting behaviour and finished second in 2006. His team again toped the fair play table for 2009 – 10 Season