10 Cool and Interesting Fun Facts about Alan Shearer’s life

Cool, interesting and inspiring facts about legendary English Football Player Alan ShearerAmazing facts about alan shearer
Alan Shearer is a retired English footballer. He has represented number of English Clubs including Southampton, Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United and English National Team. After retiring, he started working for BBC as an expert on the game. Let us have a look on all of great fun facts about this great player Alan.

List Of Interesting Facts about Alan Shearer

1. Newcastle’s and Premier League’s Record Goal Scorer
The most unique and inspiring fact about this legendary player is that he holds the record of most goal scorer for not only Newcastle but also for Premier League. Premier League holds a large number of football matches and in undoubtedly the most loved football league in the entire world. Every football player dreams for playing in it. Despite of large number of matches and almost all players playing in it from every nick and corner of the world, Alan Shearer continues to be at the top of being record goal scorer. facts about alan shearer life
2. Football Writers’ Association Player of the Year 1994
Football Writers’ Association is one of the prestigious and most respected bodies about football. It securitizes the performance of every player and critically analyzes them. One of the most interesting facts about Shearer is that for the year 1994 he was declared Football Writers’ Association Player. His performance was appreciated a lot.

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3. Professional Football Association Player of the Year Award 1995
Professional Football Association (PFA) is another highly regarded body in the world of Football. After winning Football Writers’ Association Player of the Year 1994, this great player won another prestigious award of this game and was announced PFA Player of the Year Award 1995. As his performance reached new levels his awards also started to grow
4. 3rd ranked in FIFA World Player of the Year 1996
The lead striker holds a very interesting fact of being ranked 3rd in FIFA World Player of the Year. This was indeed third biggest award in a row which he won on his name. By winning this award his fame reached to new heights.

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5. 11 Premier League Hat-tricks
The amazing fact about this player is that Shearer scored not one, not two but indeed 11 Premier League Hat-tricks of scoring goals. Also, he scored 283 league goals in his career including 250 goals in Premier League. He was literally an unstoppable goal scorer.
6. Most impressive goal to game ratio
Shaerer holds a very strange fact of having 0.667 ratio of goal to game. This ratio is unmatchable by any player. Whenever during the game Alan managed to get the ball it was certain that his kick of the ball will find the net of the opponent’s goal post.
7. Other than football prestigious honors held
With respect to cool facts about this player, more than having an outstanding career in football he is a Commander of the Order of the British Empire, a Deputy Lieutenant of Northumberland, a Freeman of Newcastle upon Tyne and an honorary Doctor of Civil Law of Nothumbria and Newcastle Universities.
8. Youngest English Player to score a Hat Trick
He holds another very interesting fact of being youngest player to score a hat-trick at 17 years and 240 days breaking 30 years old record of Jimmy Greavers. Since at such a young age, he displayed great skills vital for the game.
9. Got his 1st Red Card in 100th appearance for Newcastle – Ninth fact of Alan Shearer
Shearer holds a very weird fact; with a landmark of representing Newcastle in his 100th match he got his first red card. That is surely least a player could expect on his 100th match. He was quite disappointed on this though.
10. Gallowgate Giant
Newcastle United offered tribute to their great player on his 10 years of contribution by erecting a large banner depicting “Gallowgate Giant – Thanks for 10 great years”. The banner measured 25 meters high by 32 meters wide covering almost half of the Gallowgate End, aptly placed above the club bar.
11. Holds an unbeaten record of scoring 13 times in 11 games
He holds a cool record which is unbeaten till date of scoring 13 times in 11 games for England under 21. The interesting thing is that no player has even gone nearer to this.